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[4] Byers-Heinlein, K., Bergmann, C., Black, A., Carbajal, J. M., Fennell, C. T., Frank, M. C., Gervain, J., Gonzalez-Gomez, N., Hamlin, J. K., Kline, M., Kovacs, A. M., Lew-Williams, C., Liu, L., Polka, L., Singh, L., Soderstrom, M., Tsui, A. S. M. (). A multi-lab study of bilingual infants: Exploring the preference for infant-directed speech. Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science.
under review
[3] Lewis, M. L., Braginsky, M., Tsuji, S., Bergmann, C., Piccinini, P., Cristia, A., Frank, M. C. (). A quantitative synthesis of early language acquisition using meta-analysis. [pdf] [repository]
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[1] Frank, M. C., Bergelson, E., Bergmann, C., Cristia, A., Floccia, C., Gervain, J., Hamlin, J. K., Hannon, E. E., Kline, M., Levelt, C., Lew-Williams, C., Nazzi, T., Panneton, R., Rabagliati, H., Soderstrom, M., Sullivan, J., Waxman, S., Yurovsky, D. (). A collaborative approach to infant research: Promoting reproducibility, best practices, and theory-building. Infancy, 22, 421–435. [pdf]