Mailing Address
Language and Cognition Lab
450 Serra Mall
Jordan Hall, Building 420
Stanford, CA 94301


langcoglab (at) stanford (dot) edu

Finding Us

See our location and parking spots on Google Maps


'Q' Permit Parking (for study participants): After contacting our lab and making an appointment, we will send you a map to find our 'Q' parking spaces which are reserved for study participants. The 'Q' spaces are located on the Oval right close to Serra Mall. Once you park, a researcher will give you a temporary parking permit.

Metered Parking (for other visitors or if Q spots are unavailable): There are metered parking spaces located outside of the Oval. Continue past the filled 'Q' spaces and exit the Oval. Turn left onto Roth way and there should be parking spaces to your right. Pay at the Kiosk (either cash or credit card) and then place the reciept on your dash.

Finding the building

If you parked on the Oval, continue walking along the Oval until you reach Serra Mall. Jordan Hall (the Psychology building) will be the building across the street and on your left. The building is accessible via staircase; if you bring a stroller, a ramp is located in the center of the Quadrangle, near the far left of Jordan Hall. Once inside the building, take a seat on the bench near the door or in the Psychology Deparment lounge and give us a call at 650-721-9270.