Code page for Frank & Tenenbaum (2011, Cognition), "Three ideal observer models of rule learning in simple languages."

Code is now maintained at

Errata are here.

1. Equation 4 is incorrect (resulting in minor numerical differences). This difference was reflected in the code and is now updated above. It shoudl read \frac{(1-\alpha)}{|S|} instead of \frac{(1-\alpha)}{|S|-|r|}.

2. Equation 8 for the paper is misprinted (sum and product are reversed). It should read \prod_{e_k \in E}{\sum_{r_j \in R}{...}}. Thanks to Ansgar Endress for this correction.

All code was developed using Matlab R2010a (but run on versions through 2013b). Please report any issues to the authors.