Code page for Frank, Goodman, & Tenenbaum (2009, Psychological Science), "Using speakers’ referential intentions to model early cross-situational word learning."

[code package] Matlab code for the model. All code was developed using Matlab. Please report any questions or issues to the authors.

[technical report] A technical document explaining some features of the model. This will likely be helpful in understanding the code.

Please note that there is a minor error in the published paper: the corpora used were the di06 and me03 files from the CHILDES Rollins corpus (not, as listed, the di03 and me06 files).

A further note: materials for an earlier version of this project are available here. However, this previous work contains an error in the results for IBM Machine Translation Model 1. To the best of our knowledge, the results in the 2009 paper are correct.