Interested in participating in research in the LangCog Lab?


The Language and Cognition Lab is a member of Stanford Developemental Labs: a consortium of four research groups in the Stanford Psychology Department, each working to answer many different questions about infant and child development. Each lab is currently running several studies for children of a variety of ages. To learn more about the studies being conducted by our group, check out the List of Current Studies and use this online form to sign up to participate.

Contacting us does not mean that you have volunteered for a study; you will have the opportunity to choose whether or not to participate each time a study arises for which your child may be eligible. You can check out our Frequently Asked Questions Page for more information.

Studies with Children

Children’s Discovery Museum in San Jose
We conduct research for children ages 0-8 years old at the Children’s Discovery Museum in San Jose. We have a private research room in the museum located behind the Ambulance, underneath the main staircase. Our researchers can be seen walking around the museum wearing LangCog Nametags. Our studies involve watching videos, playing games with toys and other objects, and fun tablet games. Stop by and say hi if you see a researcher at CDM!

Bing Nursery School
We also conduct research at Bing Nursey School on Stanford’s Campus with children ages 2-5 years old. We get to know the children in the classroom and invite them to play fun games with us. Going to the game rooms is an exciting experience for many of the children at Bing!

BabyView is a longitudinal study where children ages 6-36 months wear the BabyView, a helmet with a camera mounted on it. This gives us vaulable first-person recordings of children’s early life! If you are interested you can fill out the interest form and learn more here!

Online Studies
Our group also runs studies online through Stanford Developemtnal Labs. These sessions are typically hosted on Zoom and lasts only about 15 minutes. Children usually watch videos or get to experience an interactive game with one of our researchers. If you’re interested in participating in online studies, you can sign up here!

Studies with Adults

The Language and Cognition Lab also runs studies with adults, typically in online interfaces such as Prolific and mTurk. To participate in in-person studies, you can register with the Stanford Psychology Department Subject Pool.